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Advance Booking...

Our paradise of sand and sun in Gabicce awaits you with an exclusive offer that you can't miss!


Early Booking: Save 5%!


Book your corner of paradise 60 days before your arrival and secure a 5% discount on your next holiday at the Alexander. A unique opportunity to anticipate your stay by the sea and savor the beauty of Gabicce at a special price.


What are you waiting for?

Enjoy breathtaking sunsets, warm waters and moments of pure relaxation on the beach. But that is not all!
At Hotel Alexander, we offer a wide range of activities for those who want an active holiday. Explore the area with our tours to discover art, history and local gastronomy.
From the shade of the sun umbrella to the cultural experiences, there is something for everyone.


Active Holidays and Cultural Tours

For those who don't want to spend the entire holiday under the sun umbrella, we offer exciting activities such as cycling excursions, guided tours of historical places, and delicious gastronomic tours to savor the authentic flavors of our region.

Don't let this special offer slip through your fingers like the sand on our beach.


Book early, save more and get ready for an unforgettable beach experience!



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Join us and experience the perfect Summer in Gabicce!




Notes: Special offers or discounts cannot be cumulated one on top of the other. The benefits are valid exclusively for a holiday of at least 7 days.
Contact us for specifi c information if you wish to stay for shorter period.