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Gabicce Mare and the San Bartolo park

The finest feeling a holiday destination can arouse is when we go back home and start missing the place where we’ve been, a place that wasn’t ours but that we feel belongs to us. This feeling is quite understandable, because it tells us something about the place , that we have just left. And where, one day, we can return to... This is the way Gabicce Mare makes our guests feel...
A wide and safe sea, which over the years has  seen the fishermen’s houses along the port change into touristic structures, for a tourism of great tradition and enjoyment.

The town’s geography is unmistakable, as from the long plains of Romagna the cliffs of the San Bartolo Hill emerge, a fine nature attraction and a highly panoramic viewpoint over the Adriatic Sea. From Gabicce Mare, an attractive road with excellent views winds up to the old town of Gabicce Monte, which has interesting historical and artistic features. Gabicce Mare, Gabicce Monte and the San Bartolo Park offer tourist attractions of precious environmental value and exquisite hospitality.