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Nature holidays

We are specialized in eco–holidays but, above all - like you - we are fond of nature !!!
That is why we are able to propose to you the most fascinating  and charming places of our land, to share with people that enjoy your same emotions.

We are ready to offer you all the services and assistance that you may need.

  • Walks into nature: There are some wonderful walking opportunities in the “ San Bartolo Natural Park” ... + info

  • Bird Watching: since we are located in the NATURAL PARK OF MOUNT SAN BARTOLO. The position of our Hotel is the location  if you have this passion ... + info

  • Travel with your Camera: We arrange excursions with a photo reporter, to photograph the most beautiful spots of the San Bartolo Park, in various moments and light conditions. Interest will be focused on nature and landscapes, while discovering small villages such as Castedimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara ... + info

  • Travel to the center of the Earth: A few kilometres from the Adriatic Coast, in Valconca, there is the Natural Reserve of Onferno, with its Karst grottos ... + info

  • Classical Travels: guided tours to Urbino, Pesaro and Fano discovering the precious mosaics, cathedrals, art galleries and museums ... + info

  • Along the roads of Bacchus: Allow us to lead you to the discovery of two wine-maker firms in our land that stand out for their history and culture ... + info

  • Tourism in Italy's most gorgeous villages: We want to lead you to the fascination of a hidden Italy. Looking for villages of the Middle Ages in our land, rich in history and culture, where time seems to have stopped ... + info

  • Places of mystery: to discover the legends of Valbruna and Montebello ... + info